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I love eroguro and Japanese art. Cute stuff. Weird stuff. I get to sell it on my website but I can share the graphic beauty and weirdness a bit more directly here. Plus I am free to post other things that I love and not just the stuff I sell . :)
I live in Brooklyn, NY, at the moment. I spend a lot of time working on my website but I'm also a freelance web developer and always looking for more work.
I try to cite sources for anything I post - somebody somewhere owns it! Any posts that are watermarked are from scans or photos of things that are available on my website.

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"Unfinished Dream"from postcard set oby Tama

"Unfinished Dream"
from postcard set o
by Tama

from “Pandora’s Key”by Kenichi Murata
Ishinomaki bagby Takato Yamamoto
Original Drawing 28by Namio Harukawa
from Talking Heads No. 45
from postcard set 3by Mari Shimizu
Original Drawing 29by Namio Harukawa
from “Four Part Manga”by Shintaro Kago
"La Clinique des Horreurs"film stillfrom “L’Art Medical”

"La Clinique des Horreurs"
film still
from “L’Art Medical”

AkaTako's item of the week:
Ishinomaki bag
by Takato Yamamoto

AkaTako's artist of the week:
Namio Harukawa

from “Candy Filled Girls Head”by Shintaro Kago

from “Les Japonaises Blessees”by Romain Slocombe
from “Dream Child”by Midori Hayashi